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Strava’s CEO showed solidarity for immigrants by running a route that spelled ‘Freedom4All’

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King of the Solidarity Mountain

Mark Gainey/Strava

Mark Gainey, the co-founder and chief executive of fitness-tracking app Strava, has a message for immigrants who are impacted by President Donald Trump’s recent executive order: “Freedom4All.”

Only Gainey didn’t just send a memo to his company, or tweet something showing solidarity: he ran 6.8 miles through tech-centric Palo Alto and spelled out the words with his running route.

“This one is for our immigrants ... Remove the ban and think clearly about what truly makes this country great ... Liberty and freedom,” Gainey wrote as the description for his workout, which was posted in the Strava app, of course. His words were punctuated by a somewhat crude, albeit very impressive, GPS-mapped route below them.

Gainey’s message is just the latest in a series of memos coming from Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech leaders as they react to Trump’s executive order around immigration and attempt to address the needs of employees who are impacted by the ban. Earlier today, employees on eight of Google’s campuses held demonstrations that one Googler called a “direct response to the immigration action.”