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Watch Beauty and the Beast’s final trailer, full of familiar songs and sights

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The final trailer for Beauty and the Beast, the live-action remake of the Disney animated film, is here. It features a condensed retelling of the story’s first half, and includes a number of iconic moments that will be familiar to anyone who has seen the 1991 animated original. In this live-action version, Emma Watson takes on the iconic role as Belle, while Kevin Kline, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans step in as Belle’s father Maurice, Beast, and Gaston, respectively.

The trailer aired last night and, more importantly, helped define the structure of an entire episode of The Bachelor. The titular character, I mean, reality TV star Nick Viall, had to keep his all-important rose in a glass jar a la Beauty and the Beast.

Nothing is sacred.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17th.