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Final Fantasy XV’s first major addition launches in March

Final Fantasy XV’s first major addition launches in March


Plus: FFXII has a release date, and FFVII gets some new art

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Final Fantasy XV

As part of a 30th anniversary celebration for the series, Square Enix revealed the release date for the first big addition to Final Fantasy XV: “Episode Gladiolus” will be launching on March 28th.

The episode will showcase a new storyline from Gladio’s perspective, and is part of a planned rollout of downloadable content which also includes additional episodes starring Prompto and Ignis. The episodes can either be purchased individually — no word yet on price — or you can get them all by grabbing a FFXV season pass. In addition to the new Gladio DLC, the game will be also getting a free “booster pack” update on February 21st, adding some new gear to the game.

Outside of FFXV, Square also revealed some details about other games in the series. The PS4 remake of Final Fantasy XII will be launching on July 11th, while the company also teased the forthcoming remake of FFVII with a single piece of art, depicting Cloud, Sephiroth, and the gritty metropolis Midgar.

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