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Star Wars Battlefront’s sequel is coming this year and will have a single-player campaign

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Star Wars Battlefront

The follow-up to multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront is coming later this year, and according to EA it will feature a number of improvements over its predecessor. Chief among them is the addition of a single-player campaign, one of the biggest missing pieces from the original release. And while the 2015 edition of Battlefront focused on locations and characters from the original trilogy, EA says that the sequel will span “multiple Star Wars eras,” though there are no specifics yet as to what those eras will be.

The original Battlefront — itself a reboot of the Star Wars shooter series — was developed by Battlefield studio DICE, but the increased scope of the sequel means more teams will be working on the project. The new Battlefront will be co-developed by DICE, new Montreal-based EA studio Motive, and Burnout and Need for Speed studio Criterion. (Criterion also developed Battlefront’s virtual reality add-on mission.) EA says the currently untitled Star Wars shooter will be available some time this holiday season. No platforms have been announced yet.

Outside of Battlefront, EA also revealed that Mass Effect studio BioWare is working on a brand-new property that the publisher believes “has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the way people think about an action title, bringing friends together to play in exhilarating new ways.”