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The new Onewheel+ is faster, quieter, and easier to ride

The new Onewheel+ is faster, quieter, and easier to ride


A CES mainstay returns with something new

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Future Motion unveiled the original Onewheel prototype at CES in 2014, and the final production version at CES in 2015. So it’s only fitting that the company just introduced a new version of this weird little self-balancing electric skateboard — the Onewheel+ — here at CES 2017.

For the unfamiliar, the Onewheel is one of the progenitors of the sometimes self-balancing electric rideable movement. It’s essentially a slab of wood and metal with a cutout in the middle where a wheel — yes, one wheel — and some motors allow you to drive around on streets, sidewalks, and grass.

The new Onewheel+ is supposed to have a faster top speed of 19 miles per hour, a quieter and smoother-performing motor, and can tackle hills better, according to Future Motion. It’s available now for $1,499 and ships in February.

The company says all of the improvements should also make the thing easier to ride which, considering the unique design, will be a good thing. You’ve likely never ridden anything like a Onewheel, and that can complicate things. It’s also the reason Future Motion is extremely protective of the intellectual property surrounding its flagship product; last year at CES, the company called in the US Marshals to remove a Chinese company’s products from the show floor because, according to Future Motion, the Chinese company had infringed on the Onewheel patents.