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Swagtron's new electric surfboard lets you cruise lakes at 15 miles per hour

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Eat your heart out, Johnny Utah


Swagtron, aka the company formerly known as Swagway (don’t ask), has unveiled a slew of new electric rideables here at CES 2017. No longer content only making electric skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards, Swagtron has turned its sights on a few new product categories with a full-size bike, a unicycle, and an electric surfboard. You cannot stop Swagtron. You can only hope to contain Swagtron.

A quick rundown of the new products:

  • The SwagCycle bike can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour (though it’s unclear from Swagtron’s press release if that’s pedal-assisted or straight motor speed), and the 250W motor will last for about 55 miles. It also has a display on the handlebars that shows stats like speed and miles traveled.
  • The SwagRoller is an electric unicycle a la the Uniwheel, or the Focus Designs Self-Balancing Unicycle. It tops out at nearly 10 miles per hour, it’s IPX5 water resistant, and — just like the namesake Swagtron hoverboard — has a Bluetooth speaker.
  • A new off-road hoverboard for the nature-loving millennial in your life.
  • The SwagSurf — an electric surfboard with a top speed of almost 15 miles per hour.

While most of these are relatively new endeavors for Swagtron, they’re not new ideas per se — not even electric surfboards. But this is a post-hoverboard world we’re living in, so it’s not necessarily about coming up with new ideas. It’s really all about marketing and price. Swagtron hasn’t shared pricing details for any of these new products, but at least we know where the company stands on marketing.