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    These silver-infused boxers claim to protect your package from radiation

    These silver-infused boxers claim to protect your package from radiation


    Added bonus: you might not stink as much

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    There are tons of gadgets at CES making medical claims they can’t back up. Typically we ignore them, since unproven science can have serious side effects. But when I got the chance to walk through Mandalay Bay in my underwear, I couldn’t turn it down.

    Meet Spartan, the “smart underwear” startup that aims to protect your testes from the potentially harmful effects of cellphone radiation. The basic premise that the signals coming from smartphones are doing damage to men’s sperm is shaky at best. But statistical significance be damned. This is a gadget show!

    It’s not clear exactly what makes them “smart”

    Spartan was created by two French entrepreneurs with excellent quads and exceptionally smooth packages. They claim to have woven silver, the metal, into the cotton fabric of their boxers. This creates what the company calls an “electromagnetic shield” around your gonads, repelling harmful rays at every turn.

    Along with its defensive properties, Spartan says that the silver in its undergarment makes these boxers antibacterial, ensuring that your equipment remains odor free, even after an active day of walking around a convention center with your pants off.

    Spartan’s boxers cost about $45 a pop with shipping and handling, less if you buy them in bulk. We can’t vouch for most of their claims, but they were definitely as comfortable and stylish as ordinary underwear. If you’ve been longing to own a Faraday cage for your phallus, this innovative startup has you covered.