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Pokémon Snap is coming to the Wii U tomorrow

Pokémon Snap is coming to the Wii U tomorrow

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Pokémon Snap

Don’t put away your Wii U just yet: Nintendo 64 cult classic Pokémon Snap is coming to the console. The game will be available to download through Nintendo’s virtual console classic games service starting tomorrow.

First released on the N64 in 1999, Pokémon Snap differs from other games in the series in that you’re tasked with photographing pocket monsters instead of capturing them. It’s essentially a pokémon safari where you need to find and snap pics of 63 different creatures, including the likes of Pikachu and Jigglypuff. It’s a feature that even made its way into Pokémon Sun and Moon on the 3DS last year, and Snap’s influence is also evident in the augmented reality mobile sensation Pokémon Go.

With the Switch on the horizon, there hasn’t been much for Wii U owners to get excited about, but the console at least has a number of classic games heading its way. In addition to Pokémon Snap, last month saw the launch of Mario Kart 64 on the Wii U.

Mario Kart 64