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Mass Effect: Andromeda footage shows new weapons, aliens, and planets

Mass Effect: Andromeda footage shows new weapons, aliens, and planets

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It’s been a big day for Mass Effect fans. Not only do we now have a release date for the next game in the sci-fi series — Mass Effect: Andromeda is out on March 21st — but we’ve now got an even better look at how it will play. Developer BioWare released new footage of Andromeda during Nvidia’s CES show that showed the player battling robotic monsters, launching jets of flame at their enemies, and changing their class type on the fly.

Alongside the new footage, BioWare has put out a selection of screenshots that give us a better look at the armored aliens that seem to make up the Remnant faction you’ll be fighting against. The minute of footage showed the player leveling up their skills to better battle against these creatures, attacking them with fire and jolts of electricity to strip their shields and armor. The images also give us a good look at the Tempest — one of the ships you’ll call home — as it flies through the atmosphere of a weird new planet.


The new Mass Effect aims to neatly sidestep the events of the previous games in the series by taking the action out of our own galaxy and to our nearest galactic neighbor. Fans will recognize armor, weapons, and devices like the orange-glowing Omni-tool from earlier Mass Effects, but BioWare has emphasized an increased focus on exploration in its new game. Andromeda’s a totally undiscovered place for humans, turians, asari, and the other races of the Milky Way, but as today’s trailer shows, that doesn’t mean it’s an uninhabited section of space — and many of the locals won’t take too kindly to your incursion.