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LG is abandoning the modular smartphone idea

LG is abandoning the modular smartphone idea

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LG’s modular phone accessory strategy that served as the primary differentiator for last year’s G5 smartphone appears to be no more. The Wall Street Journal reports that the South Korean company is pivoting away from the plug-in “Friends” modules for the upcoming G6 device after lackluster sales for the G5.

Per The Wall Street Journal, an LG spokesperson commented that consumers aren’t interested in modular phones. The company instead is planning to focus on functionality and design aspects for the upcoming G6, which Chief Technologist Skott Ahn says will be released “in the very near future.” 

While LG isn’t revealing any details on the G6 here at CES 2017, it’s possible that an announcement of its next major smartphone could show up as early as Mobile World Congress in February.