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Sennheiser’s first neckbuds go for style with a leather band

Sennheiser’s first neckbuds go for style with a leather band

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Sennheiser HD 1 In-Ear Wireless neckbuds

Sennheiser is trying to make neckbuds stylish with its first ever pair, a model called the HD 1 In-Ear Wireless that include a band wrapped in black leather, with bright red stitching, and black and red wiring to match.

The headphones are part of Sennheiser’s Momentum line, which has been trying to win over customers who might otherwise be interested in something like a pair of Beats — where style is as, if not more, important than sound. Though this being Sennheiser, the sound is probably better than the looks.

Sound is usually the highlight from Sennheiser, and that’s hopefully the case here, as these are otherwise pretty typical neckbuds. Sennheiser is promising 10 hours of battery life and a quick charging time of 1.5 hours. The band works over Bluetooth with aptX audio support and includes NFC for simpler pairing on Android phones. A microphone and volume controls, as well as a call answer button, are also built into one end of the band.

They’re supposed to launch this month for $199.95.

Sennheiser is also announcing a pair of much larger wireless headphones, the HD 4.50BTNC and HD 4.40BT. The HD 4 line is pretty new for Sennheiser — it debuted last year — and is filled with over-ear headphones around the $100 mark that are meant to be used with phones.

These new models don’t appear to be a departure (not including their price, which hasn’t been announced), but they are the line’s first wireless models. The HD 4.50 and 4.40 have some very slight design differences, but the main difference is that the 4.50 have noise cancellation and the 4.40 don’t. Both include a microphone and controls on the earcup so they can be used with phone calls.

The HD 4.40 are supposed to launch later this month, with the HD 4.50 following in February.