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Vine app will shut down and become Vine Camera on January 17th

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You’ll be able to post short looping videos to Twitter, but Vine’s own network will be gone

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Vine is dead, but its app will live on in a ghoulish half-life — rebranded as Vine Camera as of January 17th. The app will still allow users to make 6.5-second-long looping videos (just like old times!) but the wider Vine network will be gone. Instead, you’ll only be able to post the videos to Twitter (where, yes, they’ll loop) or download them to your camera roll.

Around the same time, Vine’s website will become an archive of videos created with the app. If users want to save an archive of their own vines, though, they’ll need to do that from the iOS or Android app before January 17th. After then, it just won’t work. Vines can be downloaded to your phone, or sent to you in an archive via email.

For more information you can check out Vine’s recently posted FAQ on the subject, or, if you’re feeling maudlin, why not read our story from October last year analyzing just why the app died.