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This Resident Evil 7 VR candle smells like blood

This Resident Evil 7 VR candle smells like blood

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Resident Evil 7 candle

Resident Evil 7 transports the long-running horror series to virtual reality, making it feel like you’re really in a creepy New Orleans house surrounded by deadly creatures. But there’s one sense that VR can’t emulate yet: smell. Luckily, there’s an official RE7 candle just for that.

Called the “Resident Evil 7: Blood, Sweat, and Fears 4D VR Candle,” the object in question is designed to evoke the smell of the game, so that you can be totally immersed. Its creators claim that it smells like “old timber, leather, and maybe some blood…” The candle also lasts an estimated 18–20 hours, so depending on how much you struggle with fighting the undead, you’ll likely only need one to get through the game. That’s good, because that sense of olfactory immersion comes at a cost: the RE7 candle is a whopping $18.99.

Of course, you probably don’t want your house smelling like blood when you’re not playing the game, so it’s suggested that you open a window after a play session. If that doesn’t work, you could always replace the smell of death with the smell of a new Mac.