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T-Mobile will stop selling postpaid plans with data caps

T-Mobile will stop selling postpaid plans with data caps

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John Legere T-Mobile (STOCK)

T-Mobile says that from this month forward, all of the postpaid plans it sells will offer an unlimited amount of data. John Legere, the company’s CEO, says the change reflects the way that people have begun using mobile data, where it’s in frequently the primary way they access the internet.

“The internet was meant to be unlimited,” Legere said at an event in Las Vegas today. “Why the hell are carriers still selling the mobile internet this way?”

“Unlimited,” mostly...

T-Mobile will stop offering plans with data limits as of January 22nd, only offering its “unlimited” T-Mobile One plans. The carrier telegraphed this move several months back, when it first unveiled the new plan’s branding, but it’s only now fully removing other options.

Confusingly enough, T-Mobile has two One plans, and both have restrictions on their “unlimited” data use. So while T-Mobile is simplifying things with one hand, it’s adding odd new restrictions with the other. Most notably, its unlimited data plans both limit video streaming to 480p unless you activate a 24-hour “HD pass.”

While T-Mobile won’t be selling postpaid plans with data caps, it will still offer prepaid plans with specific data limits.