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Key and Peele revive their Obama Anger Translator sketch for a post-election America

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Keegan Michael Key, formerly of Key & Peele fame, appeared on The Daily Show last night to give fans one last Obama Anger Translator before President Obama leaves the White House for good. Here, Jordan Peele and Key go back forth as Obama and his anger translator Luther, discussing Trump’s rise and the fear American’s may have about the future. For the most part, Obama keeps his cool. Luther, however, kicks a Trump piñata at one point. It’s pretty great.

It’s hard not to feel like this particular sketch would have felt even more powerful in the days and weeks right after the election, but it’s good to see Key and Peele together again. Key & Peele left the air in 2015, leaving fans without a weekly dose of their unique brand of comedy. Still, the pair has been busy with other projects. Together, they made the kitten crime comedy Keanu. Separately, Key appeared in the acclaimed Don’t Think Twice, which premiered last year at SXSW, and Peele will make his directorial debut in Get Out, a new take on The Stepford Wives that substitutes women for black people, next month. There’s no doubt we’ll see plenty more of them in the years to come.