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Watch Nick Offerman react to the nonsense gadgets of CES 2017

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CES is as much about the future as it about the junk that gets left behind. Here in the cavernous halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center and the suites of the city's most opulent hotels and casinos, we see a lot of gadgets that spring up out of nowhere as fast as they fade into obscurity.

As part of a promotional campaign for his American Greetings brand of greeting cards, Parks and Recreations star Nick Offerman came to Vegas to opine about the pitfalls of modern technology. As part of the campaign, the gruff and deadpan lover of whiskey and woodworking toured some of the show's lovably weird nonsense with The Verge's own Casey Newton this afternoon.

Check out the video above to see him spanking a robot, look perplexingly at a camera toothbrush, and fail to escape his PR handlers on an electric scooter.