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Apple’s new ad pretends people have never seen a camera before

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The ad will air during tomorrow’s Golden Globes ceremony

Apple has released a new ad for its iPhone 7 Plus called “Take Mine,” which highlights the phone’s portrait mode. The ad will air during tomorrow’s Golden Globes ceremony.

The ad follows a young woman who returns to her home village in Greece, bringing along her iPhone 7 Plus. While catching up, she takes a picture of her grandmother, who is amazed at how the image comes out. Before too long, the young woman is taking pictures of everyone in the entire village.

The ad does a good job portraying the feature, which blurs the background of an image to create a depth-of-field effect. But it also feels weirdly condescending: a young person returns home to amaze the locals with her “practically magic” device. It’s almost as though nobody there has seen a smartphone before.

This isn’t the first time Apple has released an ad that jabs at would be buyers: just look back at the company’s series of commercials that aired during the 2012 London Olympics.