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Volkswagen will be integrating Amazon’s Alexa into its cars

Volkswagen will be integrating Amazon’s Alexa into its cars


The virtual assistant will allow drive to add navigational stops or unlock their vehicle

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Earlier this week, Ford announced that it would be integrating Amazon’s Alexa into its vehicles. Now, Volkswagen has revealed that it, too, would be bringing the virtual assistant into its cars.

Volkswagen announced the integration earlier this week at CES, which would allow drivers to operate the device from their car, and will connect with Volkswagen’s Car-Net functions. The company launched its Car-Net system in 2013, and it allows owners to connect to their car via a smartphone, allowing them to unlock or locate their vehicle, monitor its speed, or alert authorities if the airbag deploys.

Drivers will be able to add destinations to the car’s navigation systems, check their fuel levels, or lock or unlock the vehicle from their home or office. Drivers will also be able to purchase items for their car through the assistant, provided they link their Volkswagen Car-Net account to their Amazon account.

According to Engadget, the integration is still in the works, and there’s no expected release date for the service. While Ford and Volkswagen are each adding the virtual assistant to their vehicles, others aren’t far behind: Hyundai has also announced that it’s integrating the service into its vehicles.