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Mark Hamill has begun dubbing Donald Trump’s tweets as the Joker

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Donald Trump’s tweets are often the source of some ridicule. Last summer, Futurama voice actor Billy West dubbed a series of the president-elect’s more memorable tweets using the voice of his pompous D.O.O.P. General Zap Brannigan. Now, Mark Hamill is doing the same, using the voice of his iconic Joker from Batman: The Animated Series.

Hamill posted up the soundbite yesterday, dubbing Trump’s tweet from December 31st, in which he wished a Happy New Year to his many enemies.

Hamill seems to have been inspired by writer and actor Matt Oswalt, who mused on Twitter that someone should create an App that transforms Trump’s tweets into Hamill’s voice for the Joker. Hamill was more than willing to take up the challenge, writing that “nobody writes better super-villain dialogue than #Trumputin.”

Hamill noted that this soundbite was the first, so it’s looking as though there might be more to come.