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Microsoft unveils more Windows 10 Creators Update features

Microsoft unveils more Windows 10 Creators Update features


Blue light reduction and Microsoft Edge changes are the highlights

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Microsoft is releasing a new Windows 10 preview build (15002) to testers today. It’s the first of the year, and it’s packed full of new features and changes. One of the first additions is a new tab preview bar in Microsoft Edge, which lets you visually glance at the rest of your tabs without leaving the page you’re on. Microsoft is also adding the ability to save and restore sets of tabs so it’s quicker to resume if you’ve closed all the tabs off or restarted. You can also launch a new window or InPrivate mode from the jump list for Microsoft Edge now.

Elsewhere, Microsoft is also adding in a new blue light reduction feature that’s similar to F.lux. Windows 10 will automatically reduce the amount of blue light emitted from a PC at night by using local sunrise and sunset schedules. Alongside the blue light reduction, Microsoft is also simplifying the display options to let Windows 10 users switch resolution a little easier, and improving DPI settings. Desktop apps will now have the ability for Windows to override DPI settings to allow them to properly scale on high resolutions. Unfortunately, this is limited to apps that use GDI, but it will help for those that aren’t updated frequently.

Microsoft is also starting to block Flash with this latest test build of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft Edge will now block untrusted Flash content by default, and Windows 10 users will have to click to run it. Microsoft Edge will also get Microsoft Wallet support for payments using details stored in a Microsoft Account.

Microsoft isn’t making many big changes to the Windows 10 UI just yet, despite some leaked screenshots of concept changes coming later this year. Despite that, there are some tweaks in this latest preview. Tiled folders are now available in the Start Menu, allowing Window 10 users to group a bunch of apps into a folder. The new share experience is also present in this build, with a pop-up that makes it easier to pick the app you want to share content to. Microsoft is even adding a new screenshot feature that lets you capture a region of the screen to the clipboard, just like OneNote currently enables.

There are many other changes and additions, including a new Green Screen of Death, and Microsoft’s blog highlights the full list. Microsoft is expected to enter the finalization stage of the Windows 10 Creators Update by the end of the month. The software giant is planning to release Windows 10 Creators Update in April to all current Windows 10 users, with a second update planned for later this year.