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Windows 10 might get easier to navigate with new Cortana Follow Me

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Follow the bouncing blue orb

Noted Microsoft watcher WalkingCat has spotted a really nifty upcoming feature for Windows called Follow Me, that uses the Cortana for guided navigation. WalkingCat posted a one minute video on Twitter showing the Cortana voice assistant guiding a user with visual prompts on the screen. In the example given, the user wants to connect a Bluetooth device and a blue circle shows which menus to click to get to the appropriate settings. The user can quit the navigation at any time using the ESC key.

Earlier this year Microsoft demonstrated Cortana’s ability to set up your PC with just your voice, so this seems to be a natural progression of that. It’s also similar to the guided help Microsoft dropped years earlier with Windows Vista. WalkingCat doesn’t offer any release information, but the Fall Creators Update will be available next week — maybe we’ll get lucky and see it then.