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budget tablet with a pen/stylus


Hi vergers, a friend of mine, is looking for a budget tablet with a pen/stylus, he intents to use it to watch movies, read ebooks, comics and pdf´s, and also edit documents, pdf´s, and taking notes, preferably 10" display, but it could also be a bit bigger or smaller, the budget he has is 300 Euro or less, it needs to come with a stylus, I suggested him to get a Samsung galaxy A 10,1 with Spen, but here (Germany) it won´t be sold to private customers, so that´s a no go.

What other tablets (preferably android, but windows would work too) come with pen support, better if the pen is already included and there Is no need to buy it extra. I also thought about the NVidia shield, but I think it doesn´t come with the pen anymore, and well it´s also a bit outdated.

thanks for any Suggestion.

Have a good day.