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FKA twigs just released an Instagram-only zine

FKA twigs just released an Instagram-only zine


It’s called AVANTgarden

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Image: FKA twigs

FKA twigs can now add “magazine publisher” to her list of credentials. The musician just released a zine called AVANTgarden that’s only available on Instagram, Pitchfork reports. The zine, which focuses on the work of hairstylist Rio Sreedharan, is the first issue in an apparent series.

AVANTgarden takes advantage of Instagram’s recently launched carousel feature, which allows users to upload a set of up to 10 photos at once. “I thought it would be much more impactful to create something like this, rather than to put out a picture with some words underneath it, or retweet something,” twigs said in an interview with Dazed. “I thought it would spark a conversation.”

Twigs also pointed out in her Dazed interview that magazine covers often show up on Instagram before physical copies are available. “I just find it interesting if I wanted to know who was on the cover of Dazed, I would definitely see it on Instagram before I would see it in the shops,” she said.  

AVANTgarden is mostly visual, so it works well on Instagram, but it’s not difficult to imagine a more text-based version of the same idea. And with more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram currently has a lot more eyeballs on it than print magazines.