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Stranger Things’ second season soundtrack hits on October 20th

CD, vinyl, and cassette tape editions will follow at a later date

One of the unexpected delights of Stranger Things’ first season was its soundtrack, provided by Texas-based synth duo S U R V I V E. The band is returning to score the show’s second season, and the soundtrack will be digitally available on October 20th, a week before season 2 starts streaming.

Spin debuted the opening song of the soundtrack yesterday, a synth track called “Walkin’ in Hawkins,” and the rest of the 34-song tracklist teases out some intriguing hints about what to expect in the coming season with titles such as “Eulogy,” “Descent into the Rift,” “Symptoms,” “The Return,” and more. The album will also be released on CD, vinyl, and cassette tape at a later date.

Fans’ reactions to the season 1 soundtrack seem to have caught Netflix by surprise, and shortly after the show debuted, the streaming service announced that it would release the soundtrack, due to demand from viewers. The score from Lakeshore Records arrived online in August in two volumes, and was later made available in cassette and vinyl editions.