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Cortana’s new Collections feature will see and remember your browsing habits

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Microsoft's Cortana assistant can now remember what books, TV shows, movies, recipes, and restaurants you like and don't want to forget. The company just introduced its new Cortana Collections feature, which essentially works like a Pinterest board built into your Windows 10 device.

Cortana pops up whenever a user is on a webpage that might have content worth saving, like on a page to buy a book. It'll ask the user to either create a list to save the content, add it to a favorites list, or dismiss the notification altogether. You can see how it works in this video from Microsoft:

Microsoft writes in its post announcing this feature, "Cortana is always learning, so the more you let Cortana help you, the more Cortana does for you." If you're comfortable having your built-in virtual assistant monitor everything you're looking at online, then sure, Cortana Collections seems like a legitimately useful feature. If not, then I'd stay away from Collections.