Black Pixel 2 / 2 XL has an extra feature


I hate metal phones. Why? Cold and slippery (no wireless charging sucks too but glass backs are even dumber).

I hate cases. Why? Ugly and adds bulk.

I bought the white Nexus 5...was slippery and plastic - dumped it in eBay within a month. I bought the black Nexus 5 to replace it - grippy soft-touch just like the sides of the black Nexus 4 - first phone I kept for two years. I bought the Nexus 6p - slippery metal, ugly case - dumped on eBay. Replaced with black Nexus 5x - bit slippery at first but eventually was even nicer than the Nexus 5...too bad about the boot loop.

Now? I have a metal phone with a case. Why? Because somehow plastic, specifically soft-touch plastic is no longer being offered in flagships, so I'm stuck choosing metal or glass. And because metal phones are slippery as fart, I need a case so I don't drop it. I don't use a case to protect my phone from drops, but to prevent them.

My phone: Pixel with black Nillkin case. It's ugly and bulky but the software and camera make it worth it. I wanted the Panda Pixel 2 XL but then it will just get covered in a case and I hesitated and it's sold out. Then I read this:

The body is coated in a decidedly different texture, though, feeling more like an actual rubberized soft touch coating rather than raw aluminum.

That should make the phones a bit easier to grip and keep the aluminum from getting dinged up, but right off the bat they don't feel quite as solid or high-end as the originals. You still get that cold sensation to the touch to remind you they're metal, but the finish gives off more a plastic-like impression almost like an ode back to the Nexus 5. The coating is most noticeable in the black models, which have dramatically more texture and depth that the white and blue colors.

Screw the Panda - the black, soft-touch metal banishes the need for a case. I'm sold.