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Monument Valley 2 is coming to Android in November

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The sequel to Monument Valley was a surprise: back in June the game was announced and launched at the same time. And while the game was an iOS exclusive at launch, it’s finally making its way to other platforms next month. Developer Ustwo says that the Android version of Monument Valley 2 will be available on November 6th.

Like the original, a breakout hit that was downloaded more than 30 million times, Monument Valley 2 is a peaceful puzzle game, in which players guide characters through gorgeous scenes filled with impossible architecture. The sequel changes things up with a larger focus on narrative, telling the story of a mother and her child over the course of 14 chapters. It also introduces some new ways to interact with the world, and beautiful new levels to explore.

“Mothers are hardly ever present in video games, and when they are they’re usually something that’s vulnerable that you need to protect,” Ustwo studio lead Dan Gray told The Verge back in June. “Usually their entire character is summarized by the fact that they have a child and not much else. With Monument Valley 2, she’s not only there to protect and bestow knowledge on her child, she’s also very influential and powerful within the world of Monument Valley.”

Android users can pre-register for the game now.