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Blade Runner 2049


I went to see it a second time. I want to see it a third time, more times. I have to buy it so I can watch it many times over time.

Damn that is a good film, a great sequel. How often do we get a sequel which is not trying to be 10 times bigger and more mega than the first? This film aimed to be compatible with the first.

Even the score, first time round I was a bit meh that it was just riffing off the first movie, the Vangelis score was global and emotional and iconic. This didn't try for more. Now I realise that it was not from laziness or lack of ability that they didn't try and outdo the score, nor even imagine what Vangelis might have done now is intentional. It continues on. It is truly a blessing.

Wallace's attitude sat better with me as well, his delivery and script. I get it now, beyond it being "a character", it was an outcome of the world itself. A considered approach that the team must have pained over to get the balance right.

Everything, so subtle, the moments like tears in the rain were lost.I think now to the comments about it, the complaints are just people who missed the importance of a word, a scene.

I started watching the Blade Runner 2019 last night, other subtle parts of the world became clearer, how the buildings were lit. Actually I found it too clean and crisp, a world too bright, because it was a world less worn out and more afraid of the dark. It was the world 30years before all the things had happened to get them to 2049.

There is a new high mark in cinema, the sequel that matters.