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Our Circuit Breaker Live gadget show starts today!

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On Twitter

Do you love gadgets? And people talking about gadgets? And unscripted gadget demos that flirt with the possibility of complete disaster?

Well, we’ve got a show for you. We’re taking Circuit Breaker, The Verge’s gadget blog, and bringing it to Twitter as an hour-long weekly live show. Paul Miller, Ashley Carman, Jake Kastrenakes, Chaim Gartenberg, and I will be putting as many gadgets as we can on screen, taking your questions, and generally causing as much gadget-related chaos as we can, every Tuesday at 4PM ET.

And... it starts today. At 4PM ET. On Twitter. Live. You can tune in. On Twitter. Live. At 4PM ET. Are you getting it? This is all one show. On Twitter. Live. At 4PM ET.

Check out Circuit Breaker on Twitter Live, Tuesdays at 4PM ET