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The Analogue Super Nt will include an unreleased director’s cut of a SNES classic

The Analogue Super Nt will include an unreleased director’s cut of a SNES classic


24 years later, Super Turrican gets bigger and better

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Super Turrican: Directors Cut
Image: Analogue

When Super Turrican launched on the SNES in 1993, it was hailed for its intense side-scrolling action. But the game that launched wasn’t the complete version — in order to make the experience fit on a SNES cartridge, the developers at Factor 5 had to trim the game. But 24 years later the full vision of the game is finally being released with Super Turrican: Director’s Cut.

You won’t be able to buy the game on its own; instead, it’s being bundled with the just-announced Analogue Super Nt, a high-end machine designed to play original SNES cartridges on modern TVs. The director's cut will include music and enemies that weren’t featured in the original release, along with enhanced sound effects.

“It’s explicitly to preserve a piece of Super Nintendo history.”

Both the director's cut and Super Turrican 2 will be built into the Analogue Super Nt, not released on a cartridge, though those who pick up the hardware will get a SNES-style box for the unreleased version of the game. (Analogue says it would like to release the game on a cartridge, but wanted to “make it available to everyone at no extra cost.”)

According to Analogue’s Chris Taber, the idea of re-releasing the game was actually pitched six years ago. It didn’t work out for various reasons, and the idea sat dormant until around a year ago, when Julian Eggebrecht, the long-serving creative director of the now-defunct Factor 5, purchased the original version of the Analogue Nt, and the two got back in touch. With the Super Nt the idea really started to make sense.

“He still remembered my original proposal from six years ago,” Taber explains. “Julian loves our idea of preserving video game history, and including the unreleased Super Turrican helps push it that much further. It has nothing to do with loading up games on the Super Nt — it’s explicitly to preserve a piece of Super Nintendo history.”

The announcement echoes the release of Nintendo’s own SNES Classic Edition, which included the surprise release of the previously cancelled SNES title Star Fox 2. In both cases, it’s an attempt to preserve a piece of gaming history that otherwise would likely have been lost forever. “The original master files are included directly on the system,” Taber says of the director’s cut.

The Analogue Super Nt will be available starting in February for. $189.99.