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‘Pay with Google’ arrives to speed up checkout

‘Pay with Google’ arrives to speed up checkout


No more laborious forms

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GIF: Google

Today Google is making good on its May promise to ease the purchasing process on Android devices with the launch of Pay with Google. Now you simply choose the preferred credit or debit card you gave Google when setting up products like Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or Android Pay; authenticate the purchase with a security code or your Android device; and then check out — no need to enter multiple lines of payment details in online forms.

At launch, Pay with Google can be used in the Android app or Chrome browser at the following 15 places, with a dozen or so more listed as "coming soon":

The Google Payment API that enables the improved checkout process was rolled out to developers worldwide at Google I/O in May. Google says it doesn’t charge any transaction fee for its use and requires “only a few lines of code” to implement. In other words, let’s get crackin’ you lazy devs because we’re in a hurry to part with our money.