Thinking of picking up a Pixel XL for a year, is it still a decent option?


I'm looking at the OG Pixel XL to replace my Nexus 5x. its only slightly larger than the 5x and I'm in that sweet spot where the price is cut but there's still in stock. I can get one for the same monthly rate that I'm paying at the moment, here in sunny England.

It looks like a decent option for a year, then next Autumn I can consider whatever the Pixel 3 is. It still gets quick updates, lifetime unlimited Google Photos backup, still has a headphone jack, and is a solid spec upgrade on my 5x.

I don't want to stump up the extra on the 2 when it seems to have issues, and I'm NEXUS MASTER RACE4 LIFE, so please don't suggest a Samsung/OnePlus whatever...