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Netflix just released an Android app for managing your DVD queue

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Only eight months after the iOS version

It may have taken a while, but Netflix has finally released an Android app for managing your DVD queue directly from your phone. This is following the iOS version, which was released over eight months ago, via Phandroid.

While it’s easy to forget Netflix’s humble beginnings as a mail-based version of Blockbuster that leased DVDs before the company transitioned to the streaming and entertainment juggernaut it is today, there are still over 4 million people who use the classic DVD / Blu-ray rental service. So an Android app does make sense, even if it took an extra few months for the company to release one.

As for the app itself, it does pretty much what you’d expect it to do. You can manage your queue of DVDs, search and add new titles, and — much like the streaming site — filter movies by genre, or even mood.

Is this necessarily something that will be useful to everyone? No. But if you’re someone who still takes advantage of the DVD service, then an Android app is probably a welcome addition to your phone.