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iPhone X will come to Boost and Virgin Mobile on November 10th

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Two more carrier options for Apple’s new phone

iPhone X Image: Apple

Apple and major carriers opened up iPhone X preorders earlier today, but there will still be more carriers to come over the next few weeks. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA have announced customers will be able to order the iPhone X starting in early November. Boost says taxes and fees will be included in the plans, and the company will start taking orders on November 10th.

Virgin Mobile customers can order starting November 3rd — the iPhone X’s general release date — with its phones also shipping out November 10th. Virgin is offering the iPhone X as part of its Inner Circle program, a bring-your-own-device plan that costs $50 a month but comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. That probably means you’ll have to purchase the iPhone X handset upfront if you choose this option.

Both carriers say to check their websites for pricing plan details, though as of publication, there’s been no further information about monthly costs and what they include yet.