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    New trailers: Phantom Thread, World of Tomorrow, and more

    New trailers: Phantom Thread, World of Tomorrow, and more

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    World of Tomorrow: Episode Two
    Image: Don Hertzfeldt

    I've been watching the new Netflix series Mindhunter over the past couple weeks. I'm not finished with it yet, but I've really been absorbed by the interviews the main characters start to do with imprisoned serial killers a few episodes into the series — some of which are apparently almost verbatim from actual interviews.

    Mindhunter's a scary show, but what I think is really cool about it is that the episodes never actually show anything scary. Sure, they flash lots and lots of gruesome crime scene photos, but those aren't meant to be scary — just disturbing. Everything that's scary about the show is done entirely through dialog.

    It's done really well, too. Rather than flashing back to a crime, the show always has people describe what happened in slow, steady detail. You end up forgetting that you're just watching people talk and become wrapped up in something worse than imagery: your own imagination of the horrors they're describing. It's a really effective way to portray some horrifying things, without ever showing any violence.

    Check out seven trailers from this week below.

    Phantom Thread

    The last time Daniel Day-Lewis was in a Paul Thomas Anderson film, we got There Will Be Blood. And while his performance here certainly seems less manic than his performance as an oil baron, it looks just as transfixing — as does all the imagery, and the music, and... yeah, I was always going to be sold on this. The film comes out this Christmas.


    After teasing the show a week ago, Netflix put out a proper trailer for its Western series Godless this week — and this one actually explains what the show is about. It takes place in a town where most of the men died in a mining accident, so the women end up defending the place from bandits. Also, some old man says "it's godless country!" so you know where the title comes from. I think the show’s looking alright so far. Godless is a limited series and hits Netflix on November 22nd.

    The Breadwinner

    Angelina Jolie executive produces the latest film from Nora Twomey, one of the people behind the gorgeous Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells. The film is about a girl in 2001 Afghanistan who disguises herself as a boy so that she can support her family after her father is wrongfully arrested. It looks like a beautiful animated adventure story, which makes sense given the name behind it. It comes out November 17th.


    Dee Rees' new film comes to Netflix in just a couple weeks, and this latest trailer shows more of its simultaneously gorgeous and scary portrait of life in 1940s Mississippi. The movie focuses on a black family and a white family to contrast their experiences during World War II. It comes out November 17th.

    World of Tomorrow: Episode Two

    World of Tomorrow, a very strange and very funny 17-minute short film, was one of our favorite things on the screen in 2015. And now, its creator, Don Hertzfeldt (the animator behind "my spoon is too big"), is about to return with a sequel. It looks like it'll be every bit as beautiful and bizarre as the first. There's no release date just yet.


    There's probably going to be a lot to make fun of here, but honestly, Bright looks exceptionally weird and daring for a big-budget action movie. It has Will Smith playing a cop in a world where orcs and fairies and other fantasy creatures are living and creating havoc in LA. I’m very skeptical about how this has all turned out (it’s from the director behind Suicide Squad, for what that’s worth), but I guess I'm still glad Netflix paid for this odd thing instead of, say, a Transformers spinoff. The film comes out December 22nd.

    Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built

    Sarah Winchester was left with a ton of money after the death of her husband, who became rich off the eponymous rifle company, and she supposedly believed that people who died from Winchester's weapons would come back to haunt her, which, for some reason, required her to expand her home endlessly in order to protect herself. It's not clear if that's all true, but it's at least all legend — and now Helen Mirren is starring in a film based on it. It looks like a pretty typical haunted house horror film, but hey, it has Helen Mirren in it. The film comes out February 2nd.