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Destiny 2's first expansion is coming on December 5th

Destiny 2's first expansion is coming on December 5th

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Curse of Osiris, the first expansion for Destiny 2, is hitting consoles on December 5th. The date was announced alongside a new trailer at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, teasing the upcoming downloadable content. While some of the details about Curse of Osiris leaked on the Xbox Store back in September, this is our first official look at the expansion, along with the actual release date.

Per the trailer, Curse of Osiris will focus on a Vex invasion of Mercury, with players encountering the eponymous Osiris. That should be a familiar name to longtime Destiny players, as one of the more mysterious characters in the game’s lore who had previously lent his name to the “Trials of Osiris” competitive multiplayer mode in the original game.

Per the earlier leak, along with new story missions, Curse of Osiris will feature new loot, new activities, a new planet to explore, and presumably a boost to the level cap when it comes out on December 5th.