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Square made its own payment register

Square made its own payment register

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Square unveiled its new payment register today, a tablet-like device that only runs Square’s checkout software. Soon, instead of swiping and signing an iPad for your coffee, you’ll be swiping and signing on these Square Registers. The new registers are an alternative to mobile devices, other tablets, and even Square’s contactless chip readers.

The main perk of switching away from tablets and mobile devices, says Square, is that people are less likely to steal the Square Registers. Square wrote in a blog post, “A built-in seller display means you don’t have to worry about iPad theft.” Although businesses can still choose to use iPads and mobile devices with Square instead of opting for the Register, the company is presenting its new product as a superior option.

Your barista will no longer be swinging an iPad around to face you for you to sign, as the Square Register comes with a customer-facing display. The Register also automatically checks for software updates and can be connected over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also has an offline mode in case your local coffee shop experiences an outage. The Register comes with a five-port USB hub, a two-year-warranty, and it lets you swipe, insert a chip, or tap for payment.

A few retailers, including Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Cafe Grumpy, in select New York locations were able to test out Square Registers before today’s release. Square Register costs $999, or $49 a month for 24 months.