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Google now lets you send messages through the Google Home to unsuspecting roommates

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Here’s a great update to the Google Home: you can now send messages to your Home speakers and have all of them speak it aloud. Google calls the feature “Broadcast,” because it lets you broadcast a message from your phone and out through all of your Home speakers.

To use the feature, you just say, “Hey Google, broadcast ‘What’s everyone up to?’” and your message is supposed to automatically be sent through. It’ll be read aloud in the Assistant’s voice — not your own.

“Parents are going to love this feature,” says Rishi Chandra, director of product management for Home speakers. “Kids are going to hate this feature."

It’s a pretty simple addition, but it sounds like it could be helpful on occasion — and annoying on even more. The feature was announced at Google’s hardware event today, where it also announced two new Home speakers, a Mini and a Max.

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