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Google Assistant is coming to Sonos’ new One speaker next year

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Sonos Google Assistant

Sonos just announced that it’s opening a public beta for Alexa support for its connected speakers, and to go along with Amazon’s voice assistant, the company also announced that it’ll be adding support for Google Assistant to its newly announced, voice-controlled Sonos One speaker next year.

According to Google, Assistant on Sonos One will be the same Google Assistant that it offers on all of its other devices, although Sonos hasn’t clarified exactly how Assistant and Alexa will work side by side on the One just yet.

When released sometime in 2018, it’ll make Sonos’ new speaker the first major product to support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Add in Siri support through AirPlay 2 on a connected iPhone — also coming next year — and there’s a argument to be made that the Sonos One will offer the most widespread support for virtual assistants ever.