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International conspiracies come to Stranger Things with a new teaser video

What do the 1984 Olympics, New Coke, and Hawkins, Indiana, have in common?

One of the main appeals of Stranger Things was its close focus on paranormal events in the show’s stand-in for small town America: Hawkins, Indiana. With season 2 approaching, Netflix has released a viral video of a conspiracy theorist trying to tie the events of season 1 into much larger ones.

The short video has the look of a 1980s-era slide show, one that tries to connect Will Byer’s disappearance, supposed death, and discovery to much larger international events. The narrator brings up the Russian boycott of the 1984 Olympics, New Coke, Reagan’s Star Wars program, sunspots, and similar things as proof that the world is turning “upside-down.”

Conspiracy theories will apparently be part of the upcoming season: comedian Brett Gelman will appear as Murray Bauman, a former journalist turned conspiracy theorist who happens by Hawkins as he investigates a cold case.

Stranger Things season 2 begins streaming on October 27th.