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Keanu Reeves tries to cheat death with clones in the first trailer for Replicas

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The first trailer for Keanu Reeves’ upcoming sci-fi thriller Replicas was released at the New York Comic Con panel today, where he was joined by director Jeffrey Nachmanoff and producer Stephen Hamel. In the film, Reeves plays a neuroscientist named William Foster whose wife and three kids are killed in a car crash. With the help of his best friend and fellow scientist Ed Whittle (Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch), Reeves brings them back to life by cloning their bodies and transferring their consciousness. What could possibly go wrong?

The film appears to bring up moral and ethical questions involved in bringing the dead back to life, being confronted by technology, and running a shady family cloning business out of your basement. It’s also a chance for Reeves to dive back into science-fiction, a genre that has been hit (The Matrix) and miss (Johnny Mnemonic) for him.

Replicas was shot in Puerto Rico last year, so Keanu Reeves and New York Comic Con announced during the panel that they have partnered to fundraise for hurricane relief. And while there’s no release date yet for the film, the panel audience was told to expect it sometime in 2018.