Best combination of monitor size and resolution for a developer?


I use Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio most of the time. I’ve been using a 24" monitor with a strange 2048x1152 resolution. I’d like to get a larger monitor since in the afternoons, my eyes start getting tired in the afternoons.

I've been seeing a few deals on 27" 1920x1080 monitors for less than $200. I assume the larger size will make the text larger and easier to read, but I don’t like that i’ll be losing resolution going down to 1080p, especially on the vertical. Would going up to a 2560x1440 resolution negate the increase of screen size to 27" and make fonts too small again?

There’s also the consideration of a widescreen 27" monitor with 2560x1080 resolution. I like that I’d be able to put two windows side by side.

I’ve read that 32" monitors are too large to sit right in front of plus $300 is the top end of my budget, so that rules out most of these anyway.

What do you all think?