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Watch the first trailer for The X-Files’ 11th season

Watch the first trailer for The X-Files’ 11th season


‘Kill him, before he kills us all’

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The first trailer for the 11th season of The X-Files is here, having debuted at New York Comic Con over the weekend.

It looks like the stakes are pretty high, as we get chilling voiceover threatening the extinction of the entire human race throughout the trailer, and Gillian Anderson as Agent Scully croaking vague commands to David Duchovny’s Agent Mulder from a hospital bed. There are guns, cigarettes, jump scares, and threats of “hell on Earth.” But don’t worry: “The truth still lies in the X-Files.”

Fox announced the limited 11th season of The X-Files back in April, promising the return of Anderson and Duchovny, as well show creator Christ Carter as an executive producer. The 10th season of The X-Files, which aired a full 15 years after the end of the original series’s run, was only six episodes long.

“The truth still lies in the X-Files.”

At the time, The Verge’s Liz Lopatto wrote that the new episodes fell short of the old show’s power to mystify and terrorize viewers, saying, “It's a shame that a show that once dealt so well with symbols of cultural anxiety has retreated into trying to figure out how to fit aliens into the modern consciousness. The point of The X-Files was never the aliens, not really; it was the inexplicable phenomena of ordinary life, the feeling you never quite knew your neighbors or your own family as well as you might like, that the world was even stranger than you had imagined.” If anything, it looks like the new episodes will double down on aliens, but perhaps with another season and more space it can find a reason to exist again post-Black Mirror.

The new season of The X-Files will have 10 episodes and premiere sometime in January 2018.