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The TSA’s Precheck program is coming to the 49ers’ and Jets’ home games

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A sign of the times

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The Transportation Security Administration’s Precheck program is now coming to Levi’s Stadium in California and MetLife Stadium in New Jersey in what’s a regrettable sign of the times. Identity-services company IdentoGo has a multi-year partnership with the 49ers and Jets to provide Precheck enrollment stations at those stadiums during home games. IdentoGo will also implement Fast Pass lanes this season, so fans who are deemed “trusted” can get through lines quicker.

TSA Precheck is a security program that lets frequent flyers move through security checkpoints with shorter lines, without removing their shoes, laptops, liquids, belts, and light jackets. Those who want to sign up can do so during New York Jets games at MetLife Stadium and during San Francisco 49ers games at Levi’s. They’ll just need to bring their passport or birth certificate to the mobile enrollment RVs.

The 49ers will test different options for efficient fan entry to Levi’s Stadium. The next stage of the rollout will involve pilot programs such as implementing biometrics when selling tickets.