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Korg teases music making app for Nintendo Switch

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Coming spring 2018

Korg, the music company known for making professional keytars and other music gadgets and software, has teased a new music production game for the Nintendo Switch. Little is known about the upcoming release, though a microsite has just gone live and the game looks to be produced in partnership with Detune, a software company.

The game is pegged for spring 2018, and a price is yet to be determined. It’s officially called Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch, and the company exhibited the software in Japan recently. Publication 4Gamer notes Korg Gadget is an optimized version of a digital audio workstation (or DAW) and the game will use the Joy-Con’s motion sensors and include multiplayer options with up to four players.

Korg has developed software for Nintendo before, including a virtual Korg M1 synthesizer on the Nintendo 3DS. The company has also made applications for iOS including an all-in-one music production app also under the name Korg Gadget that includes drum machines and synthesizers. It's pretty neat to see apps like this on the Switch, given that the console still doesn’t have any video support for streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu yet.