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New trailers: The Crown, The Post, Coco, and more

New trailers: The Crown, The Post, Coco, and more

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The Post
Photo: Niko Tavernise / 20th Century Fox

I've really been enjoying reading about Taika Waititi and his approach to directing the new Thor movie. We had an interview with him earlier this week, and there's a nice Vanity Fair video where he breaks down his approach to a scene, which includes a lot of Waititi mocking himself.

I saw the movie over the weekend, and it really is pretty fun. In fact, the entire movie is structured around kind of just letting Waititi and the cast mess around — there's a quick setup of a villain at the beginning, a quick takedown at the end, and pretty much nothing of consequence in between. The whole middle of the movie is just one goofy, unrelated romp.

It's a structure that could easily be a mess — and it does leave the film with a weak villain — but it's so clear that the movie isn't interested in the "serious parts" that it feels like we're in on the scheme. So instead of a slow crawl to defeat a villain, we get Thor running around some strange world, meeting some strange people, and leaving it all behind just in time for the movie to end.

Check out seven trailers from this week below.

The Crown

The Crown was one of the smarter shows on Netflix last year, and now it's about to return for a second season. The new episodes cover the transition into the 1960s, and from this trailer, it seems like everyone is a bit restless because of it. Also, the episodes just look downright gorgeous. The new season comes out December 8th.

Fifty Shades Freed

We're just months away from one of the most iconic trilogies of our time coming to an end. Sequels tend to do better at the box office, but that wasn't true of this year's Fifty Shades Darker, which brought in around $190 million less than the original film, according to Box Office Mojo. I don't know how much this new one is changing up the formula, but it does seem to have some more action than the others — like with guns and people being tied up in a non-sexual, kidnapped kind of way. It comes out next year on Valentine's Day.


Okay, we've seen a bunch of trailers for Coco now, so how's everyone feeling about Pixar's next film? I like that this new trailer shows a lot more of the real world and family the character is coming from, but I'm still worried the whole thing feels a little too focused on being pretty and goofy, rather than going for the heart and wonder that Pixar often shoots for. It comes out November 22nd.


Hulu has a new comedy/drama about a 19-year-old guy who gets a job at Johnny Carson's Tonight Show back in 1972. The series looks kind of odd from this first trailer — a little undecided on whether it's focused on comedy or drama, aware of but not great when it comes to sexism and privilege, and maybe a touch under-budget for a period piece. But it's a nice idea. And the fact that it's getting a full season released at once means it's already doing better than Studio 60. It comes out November 16th.

The Post

Steven Spielberg's next film is about The Washington Post's fight to publish information from the Pentagon Papers. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks star as the Post's publisher and editor alongside a whole bunch of other big names. It looks a lot like a kind of feel-good, low-stress, learn-a-bit kind of drama — which isn't to say I think it looks bad, just that I think it's meant for people to go see with their families over the holidays. Really though, it's not a bad time to release a movie about a US president trying to stifle media organizations. The film comes out December 22nd.


Steven Soderbergh's new series is a unique one: it's basically a choose your own adventure that you watch inside an app, being given the choice between different scenes at different times. You can watch the show now through the Mosaic app (we spoke with Soderbergh about how it works earlier this week — he said it’s not a choose your own adventure), or you can wait until January, when the show will air in a more traditional, linear format on HBO.


Netflix has a new series on the way that looks a lot like a small-town crime story but seems to be hinting at something much bigger and supernatural. That twist is the real selling point here — while Dark otherwise just looks like another gritty, somber crime story (although probably a very good one), there's something much more mysterious waiting to be discovered. The show premieres December 1st.