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Pinterest launches colorful Pincodes that link to fashion and food boards

Image: Pinterest

Pinterest is the latest company to get in on the scannable QR-style code trend, launching a colorful version of the tech that it calls Pincodes. At launch, Pincodes can only be created by companies and publishers; but if you stumble upon one, you’ll be able to scan it using Pinterest’s Lens feature to pull up whatever Pinterest board it links to. It sounds like Pinterest expects to see these pop up on packaging and in ads, to let potential customers check out related products.

Pincodes are being released today alongside several other updates to Pinterest’s visual search features. One of the biggest new features is something Pinterest is calling “Lens your Look.” The feature lets you refine a search using your camera — so you could search for “scarf,” then take a photo of your winter coat, and Pinterest will try to pull up results that match your existing outfit. Pinterest also says it’s adding more than 5 million additional shoppable products, bringing the service to 60 million shoppable products in total, which means all of these features should make it easier to find something you’re interested in and able to buy.

Lens your Look Image: Pinterest

Pinterest debuted its Lens feature back in February, giving users a way to look up clothes, food, furniture, and other objects with their camera. Lens itself was an expansion of the visual search tool that Pinterest launched back in 2015, and Pinterest says it’s seen a 70 percent growth year over year, with the service now counting 300 million visual searches every month. That rapid growth is is almost certainly why we’re seeing Pinterest continue down this road with more camera-based features that make it easier and easier to look up fashions, food, and so on.