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Amazon Music adds Google Cast support

Amazon Music adds Google Cast support


On Android, at least

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Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Music’s Android app has been updated with Chromecast support, as first spotted by TechHive. This is a surprising move given that the app has been available for years without Chromecast support, and — more importantly — Amazon and Google seem to hate each other.

Last month, Google pulled YouTube from the Echo Show, and before that, Amazon pulled Chromecasts from its store to “avoid confusion,” so it’s safe to say they haven’t had the greatest relationship over the past couple years. Even stranger is Chromecast support isn’t available on the iOS version of Amazon Music, which means Amazon prioritized updating its Android app. Maybe Amazon and Google don’t hate each other as much as we thought?

Regardless of their dispute, you should be able to Cast your music to any Cast-enabled speaker with the Android app now. The update is now available in the Google Play Store.