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Additional hoverboards are being recalled after causing two more house fires

Additional hoverboards are being recalled after causing two more house fires


Another reminder that hoverboards explode

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scooter hoverboard Flickr Ben Larcey

Eight more hoverboard brands have been issued warnings and recalls by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, reminding us once again that hoverboards have a tendency to explode.

This newest sweep of CPSC warnings and recalls comes after two house fires were started by faulty LayZ hoverboards this year, one of which was fatal. The agency is warning consumers to not use LayZ hoverboards and has issued recalls for hoverboards made by the following brands: Dollar Mania Sonic Smart Wheels, Tech Drift, Digital Products iLive, iHoverspeed, Four Star Imports Go Wheels, Drone Nerds, and Salvage World.

The safety issue with most hoverboards is the lithium-ion battery used to charge them. As hoverboards became more popular, Chinese manufacturers began pumping out cheaper versions that fell short of safety standards. As a result, many hoverboards overheat and can catch on fire or explode. The US Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration did a study which found that 80 percent of hoverboards it tested used batteries that weren’t properly certified. Because of the safety issues, hoverboards are currently banned or have restricted use on certain airlines, retailers, and New York’s MTA.

This is not the first time hoverboard warnings and recalls have been issued by the CPSC. The agency has been issuing them since July of last year and is aware of more than 250 hoverboard incidents related to overheating and fires since 2015.

If you own a hoverboard that has been recalled, you can get a full refund, store credit, or replacement unit, depending on the brand. If you do decide to get a new hoverboard, make sure to do your research. Your aesthetic is not as important as your actual physical safety.