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Microsoft now supports game gifting on Xbox One

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Xbox One S
Xbox One S
Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

Microsoft is now rolling out game gifting to all Xbox One owners in time for the holidays, following a test period earlier this year. Gift purchases can be made through the Microsoft Store, allowing friends to buy games for others regardless of regions. While the purchase of new games is supported, Microsoft still isn’t enabling transferring an existing digital game to a friend.

Game gifting was a highly-requested feature by Xbox One fans. A post on Microsoft’s Xbox feedback site amassed nearly 5,000 votes over the past three years. Sony still doesn’t support game gifting on the PlayStation 4, but Valve has offered its Steam Gifts feature for quite some time. Game gifting is part of a number of new features Microsoft is rolling out to Xbox One in the coming months, including a new avatar system that should debut in early 2018.